What Causes Pain in The Legs and How to Help Yourself

Pain in the feet is a problem that many people experience regardless of their gender andthe causes of this condition can be numerous – from unhealthy lifestyle, to bone diseases and diseases of veins. According to rxrefill mouth wash pain in the legs is directly associated with the performance of daily activities, sports, or the quality of sleep.

What causes pain in the legs?

Pain in the feet may be caused by a number of factors. Some of the main are:

Unhealthy lifestyle habits

If the job requires you to sit or stand for a long time, it will be very hard for your muscles and joints, which are experiencing pain. In addition, fatty and salty foods lead to accumulation of water in the body, causing swelling and pain in the legs. Unhealthy lifestyle habits are the main cause of pain in the legs.

Circulatory problems

Circulatory problems occur due to peripheral artery diseaseand varicose veins. Because of this, the bloodstream is loaded, which causes pain in the legs.


Arthritis is a disease that is manifested by inflammation of one or more joints in the human body. The symptoms of arthritis thatare most common are severe pain, cramps, redness, swelling and difficulty in moving.


Pain in the feet is very often caused by a reduction in bone density. This condition is called osteoporosis, and most commonly affects people after the fiftieth year, and since the bones are weakened, they are striving to tolerate prolonged standing or walking, experiencing pain.

Inflammation of nerves

Inflammation of nerves typically occur as a complication of a long-term disorders, such as diabetes, alcoholism or lack of vitamins in the body. In addition, there may be many other causes of damage – excessive doses of certain drugs, exposure to certain chemicals and so on.

Pain in the legs can be prevented by a healthy and balanced diet. In addition, you will feel relief in the legs, if you reduce the risk of diseases such as varicose veins and osteoporosis.

Take care of the pain in the legs!

The key to prevention is to cultivate healthy bones, blood vessels and muscle. Proper nutrition will provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals that will keep your blood vessels, muscles and joints healthy. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables because it is rich in minerals and vitamins. Increase your intake of foods rich in vitamin D, since it promotes the storage of calcium and phosphorus in the bones, which are crucial to their strength. Such foods are, for example, sea fish and fish oils, liver, egg yolk and some dairy products. Then, for the preservation of blood vessels, bones and muscles omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acidsare very important, which are abundant in olive oil, nuts, and seeds.

It is essential to reduce salt intake, because its excessive intake leads to accumulation of fluid in the legs, causing pain and swelling. Do not add salt to your food and get used to eat less spicy food.

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