Surprising effects of opting for yoga

Yoga in Mumbai has captured the imagination of millions of people. By nature, we are not comparers and each and everything in the world has its own positives along with negatives and the same applies to exercise. But I must admit yoga went on withstand the time and there are only positives involved. It is needed for the body to perform at its absolute best. Now let us understand the reasons on why opting for a session of yoga is better than going to the gym


You need not waste your whole time at the gym by exercising each and every part separately, whereas you can go on to connect all the dots together and do it with yoga. No amount of lifting weights will give you as much benefits as relying on yoga with regards to your own body weight. Also, when you go on to do yoga you would need to do everything from the core.

Saves money

The best part of yoga is that it does not cost you a single penny. All it needs is practice from your end. You can go on to wear any set of clothes and you would not need a yoga mat, just a grass and carpet is more than enough. If you are on the lookout for some form of inspiration there are plenty of inspirational videos online

Yoga cannot be considered to be a competitive sport

Going to a gym is a situation where you go on to pit yourself against others. There is more than competition in life and within you in general. If you see a woman beside you running on thetread mill the natural feeling is that you would want to run. In case of yoga there is no form of comparison as you are going to compete within your and yourself only. This is one of the main things which is embedded as soon as you enrol for yoga classes Mumbai fitness centre.

No form of equipment

With yoga, there is no form of equipment needed and you can do it anywhere as per your convenience. In fact, this could be your home, or even in the office if you want it to be. As long as the desire is there in you a few poses can be stuck

No form of injuries

In case of yoga you learn to unite your mind along with your body. This allows you to pay attention to each and every aspect of your body and at the same time you can move with ease. So you move in a manner which is good for you and not your body in such a situation where it does not want to be. The net result is that an injury free body


Yoga is a variety and there is a single form of yoga which can be practiced daily. This is a challenge and if you want some form of salvation then you can opt for the pigeon pose

From our discussion till now, the advantages of yoga are immense and it leaves exercise way behind. It is suggested that you go on to avail the services of an instructor as professional help will work wonders for you in the long run.

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