Make each and every occasion special with a cake

There are endless celebrations in life. People only need a reason to celebrate with friends and families. May be a birthday or a graduation, or an anniversary; no matter what people are always up to endless celebrations. Happy occasions do need a cake. It is the best possible dessert one can think of, in fact, the most delicious and evolved one.

But, when you think of a cake while celebrating, how about thinking of such a cake that represents the motto of celebration. How about the cake representing what the celebration is about? If we can think of a birthday cake for birthday parties and Christmas special cakes for Christmas celebrations then why other occasions should not have a special cake of their own. Even if they are not very popular in the market, you can make them special on your own way. You can order a bakery inThane and mention the specifications that you want in your special cake so that they can bake it for you. Otherwise, you can also bake it on your own and surprise your loved ones. Here are some ideas.

  • Celebrating first Valentine’s Day and wants to make something very special for your love? Then bring a cake and cut it together. No, buying a simple every day cake will not add to the purpose. Think of something that will make the cake special for that occasion. Go for a cake which may be a white round one or a red velvet one and carve a special heart in the middle of it. You can also write yours and your partner’s name on the cake with an icing. That will make it unique and special. Not to mention that your love will feel extremely special after seeing this. There are many cake shops in Thane, who can make this for you.
  • Planning a baby shower? Or you have been invited to one such occasion? Then you can always bake a special cake keeping this particular event in mind. Remember, it is an occasion where a couple is expecting their first child may be and it is indeed very special for them. Go for a cake that resembles a baby block. It can be a rectangular cake divided into squares and each layer will have proper icings. You can decorate the cake with baby themed things like an animal, baby toy, block numbers or alphabets. You can also customise the cake, the way you want it to be. It can be the perfect one for a baby shower.
  • If you are thinking of throwing a party because your child has graduated with flying colours, then also you can think of cutting a cake to celebrate the occasion. How will you make that cake special? Well, you can take two standard round cakes of two different sizes and put the smaller cake on the top of the bigger one. Then frost the entire cake in a fondant and use icings to write the purpose of celebration. If you want a small cake, then you can easily go for single layer cakes with the fondant.

One can make a list of cake shops in Thane and then decide where to order their special occasion cakes. If they want to customize it, then they have to check on bakeries which are able to do that.


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