Popular E-commerce Websites to buy groceries online

Groceries are the bunch of basic food which every household requires every day for managing the day to day requirement of food items. Fresh grocery products can freshen up the mood of any individual. Traditional shoppers of grocery products can now purchase their grocery items online without facing any hassle of a crowd. There are now many stores there in the world present which offer the chance to buy grocery products online. After hearing this.The first thing which may come to your mind that this may all be packaged food. But the reality is something else fresh produce meats, dairy and other products are available online to deliver the food products to your home. So let’s see which brands perform this task effectively in the online market.

Amazon Grocery:-

This brand has become the household name today. It is one of the largest online retailers today. The grocery offering of this brand is very diverse and vast in nature. It starts from beverages to meats and other seasonal gift baskets. In last few years Amazon has greatly improved in their offerings on grocery products. The main USP of this online store is that it provides the opportunity to its consumers to subscribe grocery products of their choice and for which they are provided attractive discounts on everyday shopping products.

Tesco Grocery:-

As per the current information, Tesco has celebrated 17th anniversary birthday to launch their online store. This store is considered as undisputed king in the online grocery business. The current revenues generated by this retail king is more than £2.5 billion, currently, they have 6553 online stores around the world. It was started under the leadership of Jack Cohen. It was founded in the year 1919. For any query or question, people can contact in Tesco head office address. This group first coined the concept of Superstores in the world.

Fresh Direct Grocery:-This online grocery store is specialized is proving direct fresh food from local farms and dairies. In the year 1999, this company was founded by Joe Fedele. Fresh gourmet, organic food is being delivered in different places of USA as per the zip code specifications by this company. They currently have 250000 customers and net sales revenue generated by them is $400 million. Here in this store, all the fresh food items are present on demand. This is why they have earned so much reputation in the market over the years.

In the above-mentioned online grocery store all of them have the reputation to provide fresh food. The main factor of concern which every individual is concerned about is the hygienic factors. So here the point of relief is that all of the food items are brought directly from the fields from where they are harvested. Tesco takes care of its consumers very much that is the reason why people can contact in the Tesco head office address to solve their problems. This is the most customer centric and futuristic approach to buy grocery products from the online market.


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