Ways of building great relationships with your employee

It is very important to build great relationships with your employees for a better future and for the betterment of your company. There is generally a division between the boss and the employees, but in the long run it can be really harmful for the many and it can only be ended by the boss. You need to end this division and make sure that your employees are opening up to you and also trusting you as well. This way you can also keep the office politics at bay and can minimise the damage done by office politics. It is only the boss’s responsibility to know about the employee and try to burn the gap between the employee and himself. It is not advisable to keep boundaries between the employee and the senior-level officers, instead in this modern corporate world this boundary must fade away and then only it can make way for new work. In this article, learn more about the ways by which you can build great relationships with your employee.

  • Learning Agility Assessment Inventory is a type of test that helps in learning about the candidate’s agile learning behaviour. It is very necessary because it not only helps the candidate to learn more about themselves, but it also let you learn more about the candidate’s nature and their quality. This helps you learn more about candidate’s learning quality and then you can decide whether they will be suitable for the promotion or not. Also, it will help the candidate know what they have to improve about themselves and how it can help them in the future.
  • Try to organize a sports team and include everyone in it. Make sure that there are games that will include all types of employees and no one feels left out from the game. If there are employees who doesn’t like games or they are not sporty, then try to include games that will help even the most introverts to enjoy themselves. In this way a bond will be created among everyone and you can also get to know them a lot and also know about their sportsman spirit and then you can realize who is better as a leader and who is better for which job role. Some basic personality traits are revealed while human beings are involved in games and that can be very useful for you to know your employee better.
  • Try to cheer up your employees especially during the holidays and try to gift them some nice gifts so that they can feel good during the time when they are away from their family and friends and working for horse during festivals. It is very necessary that you maintain this bond with your employees so that no one feels left out during holidays and they feel nice as well. This will make them trust you and increase the depth of your bond.
  • Create a room in your office where people can just hang out and chill as well and during this time try to converse with your employees and then you will understand more about them.


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